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TME is an international distributor of electronic and electrotechnical components, workshop equipment and industrial automation solutions.
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Language training and courses

We value employees who want to broaden their competences, so at TME you can count on a number of training courses in soft and hard skills, as well as co-financing for foreign language classes. We also offer the opportunity to learn English on site in our company.

International working environment

At TME we employ people of different nationalities, and on a daily basis we cooperate with contractors from all over the world. Depending on the position, we also offer international business trips. We are a Polish company, but we think and act globally!

Team building

We believe that work becomes a pleasure in a cooperative team, so we pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere at work. We offer to our employees teambuilding trainings, as well as teambuilding retreat trips several times a year, e.g. to the lake or to the mountains, where we have fun, do some sightseeing, learn new things and, above all, strengthen bonds.

Every year we also meet at company events, such as family picnics or an annual summary meeting. They are usually filled with incredible attractions and performances of various stars.

Private health care

Every employee and their close relatives (partners, spouses or children) can use the Medicover private health care package co-funded by TME. The package guarantees quick access to specialists, including home visits.

Gym membership cards

Our employees can use sports facilities that participate in the OK System or in the Multisport. You can choose from 2 packages: Go Fit, with sports activities such as yoga, fitness, swimming, dancing, etc. or Fit&More, which additionally includes entertainment activities, e.g. bowling or pool.

Loan&support fund

TME has an employees' mutual loan&support fund which can be joined by every employee with an employment contract.

Holiday allowance and pre-paid cards

We understand that Christmas is a magical but expensive time. That is why every year before Christmas our employees receive pre-paid cards with extra cash.

Moreover, every year TME financially supports its employees' holidays and provides layette sets and school starter kits for their children.

Hobby sections

We support our employees' hobbies and cheer them on! That is why we have a variety of hobby sections, e.g. for runners, motorcyclists, anglers, etc. Every year a special part of budget is allocated to these sections, with which joint trips and competition enrolments are financed. Every employee can suggest an idea for a new section.

Bicycle parking

Do you go to work by bike? That's great! In our company you can safely park your bike in a covered parking area. We support eco-solutions, so our employees can also use our company bikes – both for business duties and for leisure.


Employees that use our canteen are entitled to the reimbursement of the cost of hot meals. Both meat and vegetarian dishes are served in the canteen.

Fresh fruits and yoghurts

Healthy Tuesdays is what everybody loves in our company! Every week we provide our employees with either fresh fruit or yoghurts (including lactose-free ones). Bon appetit! 

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Social responsibility (CSR)

We regularly cooperate with universities and invest in the future, by supporting students and enthusiasts of new technologies.

Our partners prepare, among others, prototypes of Hyperloop capsules or Mars rovers.

Since 2016 we have also been running our proprietary TME Education project, which promotes and supports education in the field of electronics and modern technologies in regions where access to these areas of knowledge is limited.

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